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Many people remain uncomfortable with the subject of dying, and rightfully so. However, it is a topic you cannot evade until you’re in the situation. Some would argue that knowing you are nearing this stage is better than for it to happen to you without warning. Aside from saying goodbyes and doing things like finally revealing secrets to your loved ones, you can still make the most out of those final moments even when a severe illness has made it almost impossible to achieve.

What hospice care is

Just to clear a misconception, hospice care is not a means to hasten one’s death so as not to prolong the agony, but it’s not exactly the opposite of that either. Hospice, or end of life care, is a type of care given to somebody with a terminal condition geared towards adding quality of life during the final moments. The West Hollywood Hospice and End of Life care hospice team includes a skilled professional who works with the patient and their immediate family on the aspects of the following:

Physical needs

A major point of hospice care that is prioritized is pain management. It is hard enough to know that you don’t have much time left in your hands, even so, when you are suffering from too much pain brought about by the illness and the side effects of its associated medications. Aside from providing therapies that aid in pain modulation, psychological intervention methods may also be employed. Such methods include relaxation techniques, hypnosis, biofeedback, among others.

Emotional needs

The five stages of depression will be evident and intense emotions of fear, anger, and sadness. It is important to honor these feelings, which counseling may address. Hospice counselors help patients communicate their emotions, redefine life, and continue to live life day by day with less pain.

Social needs

Given the limited time, reconnecting the individual with their other relatives and friends can mean so much that it will make it easy to pass peacefully and gracefully. It could also serve as a time to reconcile with those with who the person may have had disagreements or a means of tying loose ends and finishing business.

Spiritual needs

There is no better time to heighten one’s spirituality than during this stage. It is when you can take an inspirational way to live in the most profound sense. This need is addressed based on the patient’s religion and spiritual beliefs; hence it could be optional.

General guidance

Hospice can also assist in solving practical problems such as arranging the last will and funeral planning, all of which need to be in order while the person is still around.

Access to West Hollywood Hospice and End of Life care

west hollywood hospice

Home to the famous Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills, residents in Norma Triangle and other West Hollywood neighborhoods in the East and West are used to access amenities in the area on foot. With almost zero institutionalization, the majority of terminally ill residents will require in-home hospice and end of life care. Hospice providers can render routine care through home visits, ensuring the individual’s comfort in their own space. Depending on the needs, family members can also seek in-patient services like respite care if they need a short break from providing care for the individual.

When it’s time to seek hospice and end of life care

It is not customary for attending physicians to suggest hospice care for a dying individual who has stopped taking medication that is not serving its purpose anymore or continues to do so regardless. However, most patients will be required to present a certification of medical eligibility based on the prerequisites of the hospice care provider.

New Vision Hospice in West Hollywood recommends that terminally-ill patients procure hospice care services as soon as they are discharged from the hospital. Generally, hospice care is preferred if only several months remain in the prognosis or less, those in a rapidly declining state as manifested in weight, mental health, or inability to perform normal activities. There are also instances when the patient has chosen to forego invasive medical treatments that will not change the course of their mortality in favor of living more comfortably and quality afforded by the right hospice care.

West Hollywood hospice provider

A West Hollywood hospice provider that comes to the patient in need

You can get the best hospice and end of life care through New Vision Hospice. Their hospice team is composed of professionals and competent assistants who are skilled at what they do and have their hearts in the right place. Essentially, New Vision is a life mission more than a business. They provide the best care that can only reaffirm that life is beautiful until the very end.

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