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Welcome to

New Vision Hospice, Inc.

At New Vision Hospice, we offer the highest level of hospice care and patient education in patient homes or their healthcare facility, providing personalized care that is customized to the specific needs of each individual.

By combining professional care and a high level of industry knowledge in order to help patients get the care they need, our team is dedicated to providing patients with the best possible in-home care while they are in the final stages of a terminal illness, or when they are dealing with a long term health condition that requires regular care.

Our fully licensed and highly knowledgeable care and support team offers a simple solution for those that are looking for that extra level of convenience and personalization when looking for hospice care in Los Angeles. As medical professionals, we have a clear understanding about the challenges and difficulties present for those who are dealing with chronic diseases and acute illnesses and are prepared to meet even the most complex medical care needs.

To better help patients with certain health conditions, we offer specialized programs in the following area, in addition to our home hospice services in Los Angeles:

Not just experts in home hospice care in Los Angeles, the team at New Vision Hospice also offers a variety of Skilled Nursing services, designed for more specialized services that would otherwise be performed in the hospital. With the help of an experienced medical team consisting of individuals who are experts in their field, patients can receive assistance with catheter care, ostomy care, wound care, Home IV infusions, injections venipuncture and other healthcare services, all in the comfort of their own home.

The team at New Vision Hospice also ensures that patients and caregivers always have access to care, providing 24-hour in-home coverage that includes on-call access to a Registered Nurse by phone after business hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today to learn more.

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