New Vision Hospice Team

At New Vision Hospice & Palliative Care, we are dedicated to providing first class medical hospice care in Los Angeles that makes it easy to have the smoothest possible transition for patients that have been recently discharged from the hospital and are returning to a normal home environment to receive after care. By utilizing the latest innovations in medical technology, nursing techniques and therapy, we provide expert care that our patients and their families can depend on.


Our philosophy is that every patient deserves the same the level of expert care, compassion and support when it comes to being able to live comfortably and safely in one’s own home. Thanks to the team’s firm belief that life is something precious that should be maintained, the team at New Vision Hospice & Palliative Care is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care and services possible for all patients, regardless of age, limitations of disabilities. We understand the specific needs that patients have when they are undergoing recovery and rehabilitation from surgery, are undergoing maintenance treatment for a chronic health condition or are receiving private home care services for general health care, and are dedicated to making the transition to home care smoother, and to providing the same level of excellent care and service to every patient.

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