Hospice Life Care

It used to be that people who have become terminally ill would die at home, surrounded by their immediate families and loved ones. But these days, many reach the end of the line while confined in a hospital or assisted living facility (for senior citizens). While aimed towards a healing purpose, you will find most of them with tubes, monitors, and equipment attached to their bodies in such institutionalized settings, which can be an unfortunate situation to be in. At this point, you may want to consider hospice care that allows the patient to be in their most comfortable environment at the time of their death.

A hospice and end of life care program is deemed an empowering experience for several reasons. It puts the spotlight on caring instead of curing, which often occurs in the patient’s home. In any case, hospice practitioners render their services in any location, whether in a long-term senior facility or as an inpatient accommodation at a hospice center. Paying for such service should not be a source of worry or an additional burden because it is 100 percent covered by Medicare and most health insurance companies. Thus, this service is available to all regardless of their financial capacity.

Other services offered by hospice centers for the terminally ill

physical and speech therapy
personal care and assistance
administration of prescribed medication
coaching of family members
spiritual guidance
bereavement care

Hospice program in Pomona

Pomona hospice

Named after the Roman goddess of abundance, the city of Pomona is a melting pot of different European ancestries. It is predominantly a white population living in their households. Special events mark the activities in the city, such as the California State Fair and the annual chalk art festival. Pomona’s generally warm climate makes it an ideal place to settle in. However, the weather can get really hot in the summer; hence residents tend to relax and hold picnics in Ganesha Park near the famous Route 66, the original one. Terminally ill patients can take part in hospice care programs in this city. Whether you live in the hilly Phillips Ranch neighborhood or housing units near Northern Pomona, qualified patients can avail of in-home hospice services and live more comfortably until the last breath.

How hospice care works

When the terminally ill patient has decided to transition from cure to care, hospice is the way to go about it. There are times that even the attending physician will recommend hospice care for their dying patients. Either way, the patient or their loved ones can get Pomona hospice care as their option.

Contrary to conventional thinking, hospice is not only for the old and dying. As we all know, a debilitating disorder can strike anyone at any age. Hospice and end of life care providers can extend their services to younger patients who are likewise at a stage where a cure is no longer an option for them.

It is important that at least a family member or an appointed caregiver provides basic care to the sick person. They would usually coordinate with the hospice team, who is on-call at any time of the day or week. The caregiver would be in charge of assisting the patient in bathing, eating, walking, among other regular actions that they can no longer do on their own. If the patient does not have one, the hospice program can designate a caregiver.

While hospice is usually highly recommended for those whose death is imminent, one should not rule out that anything is still possible in the person’s fate. There are several instances where patients have rebounded not just physically but also mentally. As such, the patient can halt the hospice care anytime they wish to do so, especially if their situation has already shown remarkable improvement.

hospice care

New Vision Hospice operates by initially developing a care plan to meet the patient’s specific needs. Hospice and end of life care team members include but are not limited to medical directors, health aides, social workers, chaplains, physical therapists, and trained volunteers. This well-coordinated team will provide outstanding pain management therapies and loving compassion to patients and families during a rather tough time. In the core belief of New Vision Hospice, all individuals deserve to go with dignity and help make it as pain-free as possible. Their holistic approach includes providing support to the families, which would often suffer more emotionally and psychologically.

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