Hospice & Palliative Care Services

Hospice Services

New Vision Hospice provides hospice services in Los Angeles to patients when it is determined that additional medical intervention or further hospitalization will not cure the individual. The caring, professional team at New Vision Hospice is always there for these patients and their families, helping them to retain their dignity and their comfort in their last days at home with their family, pets and a familiar setting.

Services Offered:

Expert hospice care for those who are facing a terminal illness or life threatening medical condition. The team at New Vision Hospice provides the compassion and care that patients and their caregivers need, helping to support everyone through this difficult time.

Palliative care for managing pain and other symptoms. New Vision Hospice believes in optimizing the time one has left in their life, by proactively working to minimize pain and suffering for the patient. Palliative care is provided in a team approach that aims to help both the patient and their family, by offering a multi-disciplinary approach for care.

Support for counseling and bereavement. Our caring staff provides assistance and genuine compassion when addressing families’ concerns and to help guide caregivers and families through this difficult time, helping them make the tough decisions as they come along.

The services that the Medicare Hospice Benefit covers are:

Doctor services
Nursing Care
Medical equipment (such as hospital beds, wheelchairs or walkers)
Medical supplies (such as bandages and catheters)
Drugs to control pain and other symptoms
Home health aide and homemaker services
Physical and occupational therapy
Speech therapy (to help with problems such as swallowing)
Social worker services
Dietary counseling
Emotional and spiritual counseling to help the patient and family with grief and loss
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