downey hospice and end of life care

People often discuss the topic of death in hushed tones and delicate euphemisms. Let’s face it; death is an uncomfortable topic. At the same time, it is inescapable. But if there’s one thing that can console our fears and worries, we realize that death is an eventuality where one can be at peace.

There’s a human philosophy about having a “good death” or “successful dying.” It may sound like an oxymoron, but it is how we have come to value life, and for it to come to an end, we would want it to be as dignified and graceful as it can be, whatever that means. Of course, it remains subject to medical, cultural, and moral standards.

Hospice and end of life care aim to provide this experience of dying less painfully for the terminally ill. It opens a dialogue with the patient and their loved ones to give the best quality of life during the days until their eventual passing. This quality could mean going about their normal daily lives as allowed by their physical health, keeping faith and positivity, or experiencing pleasure despite the situation. It can also be a time of having a renewed sense of gratitude for the life you are given and realizing that this life is worth living fully.

Hospice care is a multifaceted approach as it is personal and individualized. Nonetheless, here are the general concepts of people when it comes to dying, which hospice aims to provide for the patient.

State of being free from pain

Knowing that you are dying is distressing and painful; hence feeling physical pain makes it a double whammy. Hospice employs therapies that help an individual control their symptoms and manage pain. There are times that the patient has decided to forego all medication to prioritize quality and comfort. They are not looking at a hospice as an alternative cure or a means to delay death; instead, they seek care to spend a more meaningful time.

Improved emotional state

It’s hard to accept when you realize your life will end soon, and you’re living on borrowed time. Hospice provides support through companionship and regular conversations. Such support may help distract the patient from feeling down and hopeless. This way, the person will reclaim their dignity and positive disposition, leaving great memories for their loved ones to cherish.

Engage in things that will make them happy

When pain and discomfort are reduced, it allows the person to do more quality things. It may include playing with their pets, walking in the park, indulging in their guilty food pleasures, interacting socially, or rediscovering their spirituality.

Getting hospice in Downey

City of Downey The Gold Rush

Downey is recognized as the birthplace of the Apollo Space program and home to the longest-running McDonald’s restaurant globally. It is also a good place to put up a business, having been awarded the most business-friendly city in LA. Health-related industries dominate the landscape, with access to different facilities, including hospice and end of life care.

Like most cities in Los Angeles County, most of the population live in households, leaving very few institutionalized. There’s an average of about three people per household. However, most of the family members would be involved either in work or school. As such, there is a demand for a hospice and end of life care service when there is a family member who is terminally ill.

A hospice provider would either work with the support of the family unit or require respite care where they might temporarily relocate the patient to the hospice facility. In any case, such service would be available in most hospice care programs.

Receive compassionate hospice care from New Vision Hospice

hospice care from New Vision Hospice

Remember that hospice care is about caring for the whole being, not just the patient but also their immediate family members. The New Vision Hospice team utilizes practices filled with compassion, integrity, and skill. They look after the welfare of their patients and do everything possible for them to make the most out of their time. Moreover, this hospice provider in Downey believes that their services don’t end with the individual’s passing. They also extend emotional support and counseling for the bereaved family to help them adjust after losing their beloved member.

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