los angeles hospice and end of life care

They say that it’s not so much as living the longest life possible but more about how well you have lived the life you were given. Yet we all have different crosses to bear in this lifetime. These may involve some of us contracting a debilitating disease or a degenerative disorder where a cure is no longer on the horizon.

Save for a miracle; it may seem that there are not too many options left anymore for the terminally ill individual, leaving them to be resigned to their eventual fate. Enduring continuous physical pain and suffering, this final stage can be such a dehumanizing experience, something that you can only wish no one would have to go through. However, reality as it is, all hope is not totally lost, at least when it comes to leaving this place gracefully and perhaps, with just a little more.

What is hospice and end of life care?

Hospice and end of life care is a personalized service extended to someone who wants to make the most out of the only life there is before it comes to an end. After all, that person still deserves to have their remaining moments as memorable and quality-filled as they could possibly be. The type of care afforded by a provider like New Vision Hospice includes relieving the patient’s pain and discomfort, managing symptoms, providing mental, emotional, and spiritual support, helping with medication, hygiene, and other needs.

How does one benefit from hospice and end of life care?

With the help of a hospice care team that comprises physicians, nurses, physical therapists, caregivers, counselors, volunteers, and family members and loved ones themselves, it can get better. This support system can make those last few days, weeks, or months be filled with love and overflowing joy within a limited time. By easing their suffering through a more compassionate and holistic approach, any form of comfort will mean a lot, both to the care receiver and those standing by their side.

Get the right hospice care in Los Angeles and surrounding areas

Los Angeles Hospice

Dubbed as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures of all ages. Residents bask in the Mediterranean climate and boast a wildly popular entertainment industry in a huge megalopolis. When in the city, it’s impossible not to occasionally run into a celebrity or see people grabbing a drink from the Pressed Juicery. And for many Angelenos, life is not exactly a walk in the park, with overpriced gas and all. But it is the journey that makes such life worthwhile. It does not matter how long you have been living in the second-largest city in the country, may that be downtown or on the opposite side. New Vision’s Los Angeles Hospice and End Of Life Care is ready to bring tender loving care to you in the comfort of your home or preferred location based on your needs.

Choose to live better when nearing the end

New Vision provides exceptional services that show the sincerest warmth and effort that the patient deserves to have. We aim to provide hospice care during this special time that will leave a lasting imprint in the lives of family members, friends, and, more importantly, the patient.

New Vision Hospice Los Angeles

New Vision Hospice and End Of Life Care team

Compassion and integrity are at the core of New Vision hospice care providers. We are committed to our beloved patients in making sure that their days are made much better. We go beyond the business side and allow humanity to prevail during this crucial point where hope can easily be forgotten, and giving up seems the only way.

The members of Los Angeles hospice care team are on call 24/7 to serve clients whenever it may be. Consider us to mitigate the situation where the individual could be experiencing an increasing loss of function, cessation of invasive treatments, declining health, or frequent demoralizing hospitalizations. With four levels of hospice care, you can trust us to deliver the appropriate one right at your doorstep.

Our value-added services may be geared towards improving the quality of life that remains. Truth be told, we are also benefiting from the benevolence of this endeavor, getting a sense of fulfillment from our mission. But it is only fully achieved with participating loved ones of the individual expressed in different ways as one is willing to offer.

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