long beach hospice and end of life care

It seems there is only one life given to us, and it is beautiful indeed. And we also know that death is inevitable. Scary as that thought can be, it should no longer be a taboo subject. Instead, it is something that we should acknowledge and prepare for if given the opportunity. That’s because not everyone gets that chance to exit peacefully and gracefully. But when you do, we would want those final moments to be cherished in the fondest memories by the people who will be left behind. At the same time, the individual is accorded more quality of life they deserve till the very end.

What are hospice and end of life care?

Hospice and end of life care are types of compassionate service provided by another party to an individual suffering from an incurable disease and expected not to live much longer. For many patients, this type of care offers relief and comfort to their situation, especially those who have stopped receiving curative and allopathic treatments. More importantly, hospice lends dignity and value to the last days, weeks, or months which can be spent more meaningfully surrounded by family members and closest friends.

Administering hospice may also include palliative care that specifically addresses pain management which can be extended at any stage of a serious illness. Practitioners also use palliative care to alleviate the effects of ongoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer, among others.

Long Beach Hospice and End Of Life Care

Long Beach hospice

Long Beach is one of the most populous coastal cities in the US and is home to a culturally diverse population of white Americans and Hispanics. It is an interestingly large geographic area with distinctive neighborhoods and waterfront attractions, yet it has a small-town vibe where people know one another.

Long Beach is one of only three city-operated health departments; hence there is an emphasis on promoting public health amidst the prevalence of chronic diseases leading to untimely deaths. Focus groups have been formed to address these alarming concerns by placing them among their top priorities alongside health services. This situation puts a strong need for excellent hospice care for many communities, particularly within the 90805 zip code and nearby homes.

Available hospice care services

Terminally ill patients in this part of Southern California can avail themselves of the services of a Long Beach Hospice and End of Life Care at any age. During the final stages, an individual can still cope nonetheless. Despite the severity of their disease, receiving hospice care mitigates their pain and discomfort, whether it’s from their continued medication or having ceased its administration.

While a hospice care provider will typically work alongside the patient’s caregiver who has their own functions and responsibilities, it can also offer this in its tailored approach on the individual. The hospice team provides basic routine care visiting the patient’s home, varying the frequency depending on the needs. As such, a patient can also be temporarily admitted to a hospice facility, especially those whose family members cannot look after them. Other forms of hospice care include physical and speech therapy, spiritual counseling, dietary assistance, therapeutic massages, and emotional and psychological boost, which is also provided for the family members caring for the patient.

Hospice care as a beneficial supplementary service

Hospice care as a beneficial supplementary service

With several Long Beach residents suffering from severe illnesses, getting the right hospice care can help the individual manage the painful realities of not having much time left at their disposal. Compassionate care is important, especially when fulfilling the patient’s last wishes.

With their careful guidance and support, the hospice care allows the person to indulge in mundane things that healthy people may have taken for granted, such as basking in the ocean breeze of Belmont Shore or taking a light stroll in the street of Naples. Such activities will be subject to the physical limitations and mobility of the patient, though. A counselor can also address the emotional needs of a dying person through sensitive intervention and facilitation of communication.

Choose New Vision Hospice in Long Beach

The best hospice care involves a holistic method in dealing with the patient who may have lost hope and will to live. New Vision Hospice offers compassionate care services that are structured based on the person’s needs. They have care providers who understand the complicated process of dealing with the reality of death while holding your hand and assuring you never to leave you during this time. New Vision Hospice will carefully develop a plan to ensure smooth coordination and execution and discuss this plan with your family members. Ultimately, your well-being and highest possible comfort level are a priority of your hospice team in Long Beach.

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