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Nobody likes to talk about death. People tend to gloss over it when it comes up during a conversation. We get it; it’s uncomfortable. However, when somebody near and dear to you goes through a difficult and incurable disease, suddenly, the reality of death becomes undeniable.

But let’s face it, caring for the sick, let alone a person you love, is not easy. As much as you want to support a dying loved one by whatever means necessary, which is often turning yourself into their caregiver, you may also want to seek the services of experts in the industry.

Hospice care is a dedicated service to an individual with a terminal disease. It upholds the philosophy that all humans deserve a dignified death and that any effort should be exhausted to add quality to life in the remaining days.

Many are misled into thinking that hospice is about choosing death over prolonging life without understanding that hospice actually helps the sick. This type of care insists that anything that would make a patient better, even if it is a losing battle with death, is somehow a gift you can give. Such that, instead of the patient agonizing in pain, the methodologies employed in hospice may be able to reduce that pain. This approach also helps improve the psychological well-being of a dying person.

Based on the available services, hospice and end of life care providers will go to the patient’s location, whether at home or in an independent facility. Aside from pain management, a counselor may also be assigned to boost the patient’s morale, or assist in regular activities, especially in the absence of a personal caregiver.

Finding hospice solutions in Burbank

Finding hospice in Burbank

Burbank is at the heart of the action in LA county, where people get to have the authentic SoCal experience that involves going on movie BTS tours, Walt Disney theme parks, and shopping in the largest Ikea store in the country. Each of its four neighborhoods has its distinct personality and offerings. You can find culinary delights in Downtown Burbank, major Hollywood studios in the Media District, etc. For a vintage vibe, head on to the retro boutiques and shops lining the streets of Magnolia Park. Burbank residents can expect more from the city, especially when that time comes you’ll need somebody to provide care for you. Burbank Hospice and End of Life Care is available for the terminally ill that will remind them of that one precious life given to us and how important it is to live it to the fullest even when it’s about to end.

Ways hospice and end of life care benefits the patient and the family members

Burbank Hospice

While it focuses on managing physical pain and discomfort, the right hospice will facilitate an interdisciplinary approach that addresses the psychological and spiritual aspects. In some cases, therapies involving music and pets may be utilized to help in the patient’s well-being,

To further discuss hospice care, we will debunk the following myths surrounding it:

Hospice means the end of life

While it is nearing it, Burbank Hospice and End of Life Care is providing compassionate care for individuals to live with the highest quality possible under the circumstances. Knowing there is hospice you can count on to make your days much better than you would otherwise have is indeed a welcome option.

Hospice is a medical requirement

Terminally ill patients should not forego their medical treatments in favor of a hospice alternative and simply embrace death. Ultimately, they or their immediate family should decide whether it is that road they would rather take, believing it would be best for them.

Hospice is more beneficial for cancer patients

There may be types of cancer in the advanced stages that have no cure; it is certainly not the only disease where hospice care is most beneficial. Hospice can be administered to any terminal illness, leading to a point where no curative treatments are working anymore. The patient or their loved ones choose to focus on having more quality of life instead.

Hospice is pointless

It is important to remember that although it will not cure the patient’s disease by any means, hospice is performed because it reaffirms the life of a person by improving their overall well-being. This purpose alone is worth achieving since it will help them transition to the eventuality with more dignity and meaning.

New Vision Hospice in Burbank has a well-coordinated team of care specialists working with patients and their family members in a compassionate and personalized way. They have undergone skill training and are backed by the experience to ensure that your loved one is with competent and compassionate hands.

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