glendale hospice and end of life care

Hospice and end of life care take on a unique approach to the condition of the terminally ill. As medical science does not have all the answers to the more complex diseases, it leaves the individual with no choice but to face death sooner than most. And there are different ways of coping with this reality. Some seek alternative or unconventional treatments; others keep the faith and pray for a miracle. But for those who wish to focus more on the quality of life than suffering from invasive treatments that don’t do much anymore, hospice care will serve them well.

What does having more quality of life mean?

It is not uncommon to hear from people about them wanting to have a painless death. However, no one knows for sure what happens next. And besides, is there even such a thing? Most, especially the terminally ill, would rather that they just try to make the most out of what remains in their lifetime. It’s about quality over quantity. But what does that quality even mean to a dying individual? And does it still matter? Well, the answer is yes, it matters, not just to you but also to your loved ones. Here’s why.

Despite the morbidity of the thought, sometimes it’s “better” to know than your life just being abruptly cut short. The person can say goodbyes, make amends, and ironically, have the best times of their lives. Of course, the best times take on a deeper meaning. With the right hospice care, you are afforded more comfort, management of pain and symptoms, social interaction, and overall improvement in your well-being. Hospice care allows a bit of control of where you want to be when that time comes, and it’s usually in your home surrounded by family members and closest friends with whom you would like to make the most of your interactions.

Carefully planning and openly discussing what needs to be done to add just a bit more quality to the patient’s life can help in achieving the goals of hospice care.

Your access to Glendale Hospice and End Of Life Care

Glendale from Forest Lawn

Glendale is one of the best places to live in California, where modern-day amenities are within reach by its residents. It is not as densely populated as neighboring cities like Pasadena and Burbank. Yet, there are plenty of services in this city that increase their quality of life, making it an attractive place to visit either for a quick R&R or to live there for good. Four freeways run through Glendale, which makes it a hub for everything. It is next to Griffith Park and situated at the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley intersection. As such, it is ideal for hiking and other fun activities.

With many Glendale residents used to their busy and active lifestyle, it is comforting to know that hospice care is available for those who want to reaffirm their existence and spend the rest of their lives peacefully and meaningfully. The scenic ocean and mountain views reinforce the beauty of life, which you get to appreciate more during those last few moments in time.

How are hospice and end of life care administered?

When the patient avails of hospice and end of life care in Glendale, a team of hospice workers will visit their home, facility, or admit the individual in their hospice center depending on their needs. Hospice care enlists the synergistic efforts of the nurse, social worker, hospice aide, chaplain, and volunteer, each having their duties and responsibilities to the patient. This team will coordinate with one another to deliver services.

This hospice team will conduct scheduled home visits to provide routine care and assist patients in performing tasks, which the nurse or hospice aide usually performs. A social worker would facilitate resources within the family and from the community. On the other hand, the chaplain would provide spiritual guidance with respect to the patient’s religious beliefs. Volunteers offer companionship, while bereavement support is also available for the family after the patient’s passing.


New Vision Hospice offers exceptional services that will improve the patient’s well-being and overall quality of life in the remaining moments. With a further decline in health, a hospice team member will be there for the individual at their bedside to hold their hand and offer loving support.

New Vision Hospice in Glendale is on-call 24/7, so you can count on them to provide personalized and compassionate care and assistance anytime you need them outside the set schedule.

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