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As you know, life can be very unpredictable. One day, you are living large in the world’s entertainment capital, and before you realize it, you find yourself on the opposite side. It helps when you are prepared for such possibilities, especially if they are inevitable and inescapable, like facing a life-limiting disease or dying. But the truth is, many are still unaware of their care options since death is an uncomfortable subject. It is about time to view it using another perspective in that it does not have to be thought of as solely a horrible and painful stage that does not deserve a straightforward conversation. You should know that there are end-of-life care Los Angeles facilities you can seek because even the final days would still matter to you and your loved ones.

Goals of End-of-Life Care

When considering end-of-life care, the discussion is more than just death. It hones in on the care services that should align with your priorities and objectives. And usually, it takes on a two-prong hospice approach. One is for the dying patient, and the other is for the surviving family members.

Ultimately, this end-of-life care Los Angeles practice aims for a good life until the last breath, and not a “good death,” by reducing as much suffering of the person as possible. Even if it is not by any means curative, the comfort it will provide can spell a huge difference. Addressing the individual’s needs, not only physical but also emotional and spiritual, enables the patient to reclaim or maintain their peace and dignity in their final moments. At the same time, support is also extended to the families during this stage and afterward.

End-of-Life Care Los Angeles Services

The different types of end-of-life care in Los Angeles include:

  • Hospice care. Since the patient has stopped the treatment of their illness, they may be experiencing intense pain and other symptoms. Hospice care addresses these issues by providing relief. Without it, the effects can be excruciating and demoralizing to the individual.
  • Practical care. Remember that the patient will likely be unable to attend to their own needs, so the hospice staff or caregiver needs to help them perform tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing up, and moving around.
  • Respite care. If you are the patient’s primary caregiver, you can take a break from your caregiving duties. You can get help from an end-of-life care Los Angeles provider who can fill in for you. It can also involve availing of temporary inpatient services to allow you to attend to your matters.
  • Pastoral care. People who may have different religious beliefs (or none of them) can opt for pastoral care. It is carried out by hospice chaplains who can cater to patients of all faiths and address spirituality and existential crises. Typically, you can get this end-of-life care Los Angeles option for free.

Planning for End-of-Life Care

First, you have to ask yourself, if not, revisit your core values and discuss the matter. It is important to honor the patient’s care preferences and be properly coordinated with those who will form part of the hospice team. Many of you might be pleasantly surprised that having this kind of conversation can bring you closer together as a family. For others, planning with an end-of-life care Los Angeles provider helps make them less fearful of the future.

On the other hand, there are times that not all family members will be on the same page when it comes to planning for the patient. It can create internal conflicts, which is the last thing you would like to have under circumstances where everyone may be feeling stressed and emotional. Having an outsider such as a hospice specialist can help mediate this task.

Deciding for the Terminally Ill

Here are some questions you may ask yourself when you are taking on the responsibility of making decisions for a loved one:

  • How much of my time and resources can I allocate for the patient’s end-of-life care?
  • Am I emotionally ready to assume the responsibility?
  • Is there an end-of-life care Los Angeles provider who can ensure round-the-clock care, especially during emergencies?

Nearing the End

While the doctor may have estimated an individual’s life expectancy, it can go one of two other ways, shorter or longer. Hence, each day you can spend quality time with a dying loved one is a gift. But the thought that you will lose that person forever can still be a bitter pill to swallow despite your preparedness. It would be best to look at it from a positive standpoint.

You see, not everyone is allowed to say goodbye to a loved one, or the most important person in your life. Even without expressing it verbally, your presence and touch are enough. Even if the person seems unresponsive or in a coma, keep talking to them as you would in better times; they can still hear you. Make each moment count no matter how little the window of time is, which will mean a lot more. And besides, you are not alone once you have an end-of-life care Los Angeles specialist to support your loved one and yourself.

After the End of Life

Once a loved one has passed, dealing with life can be more painful and difficult for most people. As a bereaved family member, your life may have changed forever, but you can count on an end-of-life care Los Angeles hospice team to provide you with emotional support. With their trained staff, spiritual counselors and volunteers will lend a comforting hand to help you move forward and start anew.

Reconnecting with friends, channeling your loss into creative endeavors, and keeping a journal are just some of the ways you can cope and eventually come to terms with your loss. As such, you can only look back with the fondest memories of your loved one, cherishing your experiences. And it is why seeking the right end-of-life care from Los Angeles hospice providers can only be beneficial to everyone involved.

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